The Hanged

installation - 2019

The eruption of the strange into the familiar, like a body suspended in the middle of the living room in place of a floor lamp … This is what these three sculptures play at and which brush the viewer’s head to better reveal the disturbing void that surrounds them. All three energize the weight of a bag, the lightness of a pierced dry bone or the stiffness of a cutting disc in order to be part of an everyday life that has become surreal. We have to find in them a meaning or a principle of reality that seems to escape us although they present well-known hanging techniques. The Hanged are looking for a reason, one that would define them in this state or one that would revive them…

Hangman I, sculpture
metal hooks, dry bone, variable dimensions

Hangman II, sculpture
steel tube, cutting discs, variable dimensions

Hangman III, sculpture
metal chain, ring, wall hanger, bag of seeds, variable dimensions